SFD House Fire Training

CBG partnered with the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) to provide this critical opportunity for their newest members to experience 12 fires in 3 days at our upcoming Madison Valley project. This is something that not every recruit will get to experience nor will likely get to go on this many calls within their first three years in the field.

A week prior to the training, all interior was removed from our home, including carpets, cabinets, appliances, ductwork, heating and cooling systems, etc. The walls, floors, and ceilings were lined with a layer of Oriented Stand Board (OSB) covered by multiple layers of Sheetrock.

Once the building was ready, training began. 25 recruit firefighters, their instructors, and 10 staff safety line firefighters were onsite. The ignition team lights wooden pallets and hay to start the fires and the drill begins just as if they were reacting to a real fire response.

It was a real pleasure working with the Seattle Fire Department and was a fun training event for us and local neighbors to experience. Not all structures are suited for this type of training, but if you have any homes set for demolition, we know SFD would love the opportunity to partner with others to offer this training to future recruits.