Jennifer Clark| Marketing Manager

Jennifer Heidy

Jennifer Clark

Marketing Manager

D: 425.952.2660

O: 425.822.2080


Before calling the PNW home, Jenn’s childhood roots started to grow on Long Island and eventually expanded to Scottsdale and Los Angeles in her adult years. After attending FIDM, Jenn had her heart set on working in the fashion industry but soon realized that wasn’t her calling and decided to become a realtor where she began to find her true passion. With creativity being at the heart of what she loves, Jenn’s role as Marketing Manager allows her to combine the best of both worlds…real estate and marketing.

When Jenn isn’t spending her days being creative at work, you can find her exploring, hiking and creating new adventures in the outdoors and traveling to new places. Along with spending time with friends attending sporting events, tastings, camping, concerts, and anything else that is thrown her way, she’s always up for trying something at least once. Life’s too short to not live it!

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