Chris McLaughlin| Site Assistant

Chris McLaughlin

Chris McLaughlin

Site Assistant

O: 425.822.2080

Chris comes with quite an eclectic professional background. From making sandals to spending time in British Columbia as a mountaineering and sea kayak guide, to youth director at a church, Chris has always been described as a handyman no matter where he works. His building experience ranges from remodeling his own home to facilitating the building of small homes by high school students in Tijuana, Mexico. Chris thrives off working on a variety of projects and will jump right in to have his hands in any part of the building process.

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Chris, his wife, and daughter live in Preston where they are remodeling a house built in 1901. When Chris isn’t working on homes, you will most likely find him outside, hunting, fishing, climbing, kayaking, cycling, or other various adventuring activities in the Pacific Northwest.

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