“Business is People” –Herb Chaffey

about cbg Blue craftsman home

Whether it’s a home, a business or a relationship, a stable foundation is the most important component in creating a lasting, solid structure. With decades of combined experience building exceptional homes, Kelly Lawrence and Herb Chaffey joined forces to form Chaffey Building Group (aka CBG) in 2011. CBG was founded on the vision of a customer-first philosophy, building forward-thinking, innovative home designs, and, most importantly, establishing enduring relationships, not only with our future homeowners but with every company and individual involved in building our homes. These principles are the foundation we build upon each and every day.

Our homes are the tangible calling cards of our work and our business philosophy. We understand that building homes starts with our homeowners and their lifestyles in mind. Property location, home features, size and configuration, architectural style, integration of outdoor space, orientation to neighboring properties and community–all are decisions that are focused on you, our future homeowner. We not only build homes, but we also build environments, enhance lifestyles, and enrich evolving communities.

At Chaffey Building Group, luxury is standard. We have simplified the home selection and buying process by designing efficient, functional floor plans and providing amenities that eliminate the need to upgrade. Home orientation, views, architectural styling, color and material selections – our success continues because we meticulously provide each home with unique, timeless combinations.

Not sure we can properly thank you
for your flawless execution.

Gregg and Margie

CBG built a premium home, one that is
full of style, thought, and love
and at the same time is warm and welcoming.

Neil and Ciara


From the day we mindfully select properties to purchase, to the process of designing and naming our future homes, to the day we hand over the keys, we have you in mind. Our team of enthusiastic, hard-working employees treats each home we build as if it were their own.


Our CBG team of dedicated employees, our skilled subcontractors, our real estate brokers and professionals, and our future homeowners come first. We focus on creating enduring relationships within CBG as the first building block to creating lifelong relationships with those we work with to bring the vision of our homes to reality.


Luxury and quality come standard. When you purchase a CBG home, you are making an investment in your future, not only as a place to live but also in the long-standing quality and reputation that CBG homes enjoy. CBG has earned this reputation by carefully and thoughtfully building each home with you, our future homeowners, in mind.


CBG homes are designed and built to complement the communities in which they reside. By choosing properties in superior locations with excellent proximity to neighborhood amenities, you can spend more of your time on your specific lifestyle preferences and passions.