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Chaffey Building Group’s

CBG Signature Homes

The homes that we build are the tangible calling cards for our work.

But more than the physical characteristics, we understand that home building needs to start with how the lives are lived within the home.

We also recognize that our work involves more than just building a home…we build environments, we enhance neighborhoods, and we genuinely participate in the creation of communities.

Because of our grounding in the past and our vision towards the future, we start with the tried and true elements of desirable locations, appropriately sited homes on premium lots, appealing and livable homes that incorporate amenities such as curb appeal, efficient space design that is not crowded or contained, flexible areas that multi task with the best of our homeowners. We then emphasize the dealmaker components like a well-appointed kitchen, master bedroom, bath and closet that reflect modern lifestyles, and plenty of storage. Finally, we push our homes into the 21st Century and beyond with ENERGY STAR building techniques that contribute to optimum energy efficiency including effective insulation in flooring, walls and attic, high performance energy efficient windows, tight construction and ducts to seal the home, high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, ENERGY STAR rated appliances, and third party verification that the home is ENERGY STAR qualified.

Our homes start with you in mind, so come see your reflection!

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Chaffey Building Group’s

CBG Custom Homes

We have the experience and tools. You have the dream. Together, we build it.

Whether it’s building a home on your lot or working together to identify a property, utilizing an architect for true custom design, or using one of our plans with customization options, partnering with the experienced Chaffey Building Group to build your custom home provides the rare opportunity of building a home that truly reflects your life.

What’s the key to the positive custom home building experience you’ll find with CBG? Very experienced team, early involvement of CBG in the design and decision making process, and above all else, communication. We are home building experts with decades of experience and what that means to you is that we take the relatively complicated process of planning, designing, and building a home and break it down to manageable and achievable milestones that provide clarity of design, cost, constructability and timelines so that the objectives of all involved are clearly identified, communicated and most importantly, achieved. The other key to a positive custom home construction experience that you’ll find in working with CBG occurs after you’ve moved into your home…our after construction warranty services. The last thing any homeowner wants after moving into a new home is to deal with problems.

Our goal? A superior home, a happy homeowner that is proud of their home and raves to friends and family, and friendship that maybe even moves us to holiday card list status!

~ CBG Signature or CBG Custom ~
We’re here for you every step of the way.