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The name Chaffey has been synonymous with excellence in home building for over 50 years.

Herb Chaffey began building back in 1963 when the average price of a new home was $12,650. As the years progressed, so did the manner in which homes were built. Throughout those decades, Herb took note as building fads came and went and many new products sizzled and fizzled. He experienced, through his own trial and error, what building techniques and conventions were solid and could be counted on to stand the test of time.

Kelly Lawrence graduated with honors from the University of San Diego with a degree in International Relations and Business and immediately went to work in the financial industry in Newport Beach, California. Kelly discovered his passion for real estate and real estate development as the result of a chance meeting in Southern California that took him overseas to work in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 5 years. While there, he ultimately co-founded a development company focused on mixed use and beach front development. Upon his return from the Middle East, real estate opportunities initially took him back to his roots in the Northern Rockies, followed by time with a national builder in Scottsdale, Arizona, with him ultimately settling in Kirkland, Washington in 2009.

In 2011, Herb and Kelly joined forces to create Chaffey Building Group, a boutique home builder and real estate development company, founded on forward thinking, innovative design, financial viability, and most importantly, developing enduring relationships.

Blending Herb Chaffey’s vast homebuilding experience and sterling reputation with Kelly Lawrence’s extensive deal structuring and real estate background, they assembled an expert team of industry veterans who provide a simplified yet thorough approach to the homebuilding process.

Herb passed away in 2016, but Kelly and his dedicated staff honor Herb’s legacy every day in all aspects of building a home, from the foundation all the way up to the finishing touches. They commit that every home is unique and expertly designed and built by craftsmen who share this same commitment to excellence.

Home orientation, views, architectural styling, materials, color selection — our success continues because we meticulously provide each home with timeless combinations. At CBG, we have simplified the home buying process. At CBG, luxury comes standard.


What can we say? We love homes. We love designing them. We love building them. We love selling them to people who love them. It’s one of the reasons we get up in the morning.


Stunning homes designed and built to complement the communities in which they reside.


Working with you side by side every step of the way to turn your ideas into a reality.



1936 to 2016

Born in Hoquiam, Washington, Herb Chaffey spent his youth working in the logging industry, never realizing his future career would make use of some of that same lumber he helped harvest.

Although he received his Accounting degree from the University of Washington, Herb quickly realized that he was more entrepreneur than accountant and decided to set a new blueprint for his future.

herb-chaffeyIn 1963, he partnered with Don Wick to build homes under the Wick Homes, Inc. name.  Then, in 1984, he began using the Chaffey name and over the next 32 years, until his passing in 2016, he built approximately 13,000 homes all over the greater Puget Sound region.  Herb loved the smell of fresh cut lumber and walking the houses as they were in various stages of production.  He expected excellence and it showed in the houses he built.  His last venture, Chaffey Building Group, was the continuation of his love of home building and his ongoing commitment that every home be unique and expertly built by craftsmen who shared his dedication to excellence.

With a genuine passion for his business and the community as a whole, Herb built a legacy under the name Chaffey, not only in the home building arena, but also in the area of youth baseball.  The Chaffey Baseball team, a group of talented 15-18 year old boys, has been a perennial select baseball power in the Pacific Northwest for over 35 years.  Most of the students involved in the program go on to play Division I baseball in college and some have continued on to the major leagues.  Herb spent countless hours with these young men, encouraging them to grow, learn and succeed, not only in the sport he loved so much, but also in their education and career pursuits. If you are interested in seeing more of the Chaffey Baseball club or even want to hit up a game, click HERE.

Herb’s love of the University of Washington Huskies, combined with his love of baseball, resulted in his desire to see the UW build a first class baseball stadium.  That dream was realized in 2009, when the University of Washington dedicated and named the baseball field “Chaffey Field” in appreciation of his generosity and support.

Herb Chaffey left a mark on home building and our community that will never be forgotten.  His legacy will continue in each home carefully and expertly built by Chaffey Building Group.


CBG values our environment.

In fact, environmental consideration is at the forefront of our decision making.

We also recognize that as Home Builders we are by “nature” a fairly consumptive industry. With planning and forethought we minimize the impact to our land and as an added perk, benefit you as a homeowner.

We use both Built Green and Northwest Energy Star techniques to build our homes to help address the environmental considerations of our eco-system. We willingly spend more money to properly clear a property and/or re-vegetate a site. We have been refining our building techniques to be more efficient and effective for decades. We opt for mechanical, heating, cooling and lighting systems that require less energy and are more efficient.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, these extra steps benefit the homeowner. The home displays superior performance in terms of equal distribution of heating and cooling and a drastic reduction in energy loss out of windows and heat from the ceiling. Reduced utility bills put more cash in your pocket.

Finally, energy efficient homes have a higher value. The Appraisal Institute has incorporated energy efficiency into the appraisal process, making a home with these adaptations receive higher valuations than homes without.

We welcome you to meet and take a private tour of our building process with Kelly Lawrence, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chaffey Building Group, and Edmunds Leitis, Vice President of Construction. Edmunds has been expertly overseeing the management and construction of new homes in the home building business since 1997.

Credentials and references available upon request.

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